Technology-led innovation often depends on access to data from various sources to derive correlations and insights. It is necessary to aggregate data to unlock its value.

Shared data vs Open source data

Pooling data from multiple sources allows data to be aggregated and analysed in ways that individual organisations cannot achieve by themselves. What does this mean?

You can extract insights from your network data; however, we can provide further insights when you provide your data to us combined with network data and other open-source data.

Essentially 1 + 1 = 3  

1+1=3 - Your data is worth more when combined with others.

The insights itus provides include benchmarking and analytics that can increase efficiency or improve safety. The data you provide to itus is shared data and not open data.

Open data is available for anyone to access, use, and share, e.g. open street map. It is published under an open licence that allows it to be used for any purpose.

Shared data is data that is only available to specific people or groups. Shared data will typically be made available for particular purposes.

What kind of data does itus pool?

We pool a few types

  1. network footage - from dashcams
  2. IoT streams

This data gets anonymised before being used to provide insights. We share insights that our algorithms derive, not the data itself. Other local governments will benefit from the data you provide, but you will also benefit from their data.

By sharing data and insights across the platform – while protecting privacy, commercial confidentiality and national security – we can unlock more value from it.

Sharing data creates new opportunities, increases revenue, reduces direct costs and improves efficiency in operations.

Benefits of itus' data pooling method

  • The data you could collect on your own would not compare to itus' data collection.
  • Your organisation does not incur the expensive costs of setting up and sustaining a central platform and technical infrastructure to aggregate data.
  • You outsource the data storage risk to itus so you can focus on what you do best.
  • We can provide you with insights for benchmarking your organisation and asset maintenance. This benchmarking enables sector-wide alignment around key targets and assessment of whether they are being met.
  • Reduces direct costs - you no longer need to go and procure this data yourself. It is accessible through the platform.
  • itus provide a common technical platform for analysis, use and onward sharing of data.

With strong governance and investment in centralised infrastructure, organisations can feel comfortable with the way data is being used within itus' trusted environment.

Data pooling in Smart Cities can help us tackle several common challenges, including the urgent need to adapt to a changing climate. Increasing access to data can contribute to tackling those challenges. Building a more robust data infrastructure and independent stewardship of data and open standards are essential to achieving that goal.

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