The Egyptian Government's new "Smart City" capital will open later this year. Covering 700 square kilometres of desert, it will be home to 6.5 million people. This Greenfield site is called Administrative Capital for Urban Development (Acud).

Acud has defined a master plan for the smart city based on five main pillars: safety, connectivity, integration, digitalisation, and replicability.
Smart City services in Acud will include traffic management and Smart utilities, such as electricity, water and gas supply, video surveillance, and Smart building services. They will be all parts of the city with CCTV cameras and control sensors integrated to the city control center.

In Eastern Cairo and beyond, the Government will spend 1.1 trillion Egyptian pounds (USD 70 billion) on transport between now and 2024. A third of that is for the new road network, connecting many more citizens to transport networks, essential services, and foundations for a raft of mobility services.

Although new roads are being built to the Smart City and beyond, old ones are poorly maintained. Sounds like they could use itus?

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